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Inside the eye of the owl is a wisdom that comes only with experience.  The owl is emblematic of a deep connection and knowledge.  Native Americans believe that when the spirit of an owl guides you, you can see the true reality, having inspiration and courage to explore the unknown. 


Guided under the watchful eyes of our team, we encourage you to explore the depths of your business to enable us to start the journey into telling your business story to your customers.




Chameleons can change colour to adapt to their environment. They also have 360-degree vision, providing sharp stereoscopic depth perception; essentially the ability to look in two directions at once.  Our philosophy is to keep things clean and simple, like a chameleon we adapt and change and ensure your brand and imaging is timeless to ensure it can be seen from a variety of platforms grasping clients and customers from all angles. 




Communication is simply the transfer of information from one being to another.  A dolphin’s ability to communicate is intricate and complex. Scientists have learnt so much from these animals and their ability to produce a vast number of signals in a variety of different platforms.  Each dolphin has its own signature whistle which helps them connect over vast distances. 




The tiny ant uses pheromones (chemical signals) to share information with other members of the colony. Pheromone-based messaging is the oldest and most evolved form of biological signaling using chemicals to communicate through smell and taste.  


In today’s society, virtual groups can mimic this to enhance the way they use email, messaging and online technology. Strength and reach are useless without a supportive structure.  A worker ant can lift ten times its own weight, but without the support of its peers it cannot survive. You and your business are the worker ant, but we provide you with a colony to give you the strength and support to allow you to reach your customers through any means necessary.


About the TEAM 

At 2 Can Design our team has spent over two decades traveling the world, building an international reputation for producing strong, effective, print-based communication materials that feed directly into the specific goals of each company.


Fast, reliable and brimming with imaginative ideas, we consistently produce design solutions that engage and inspire and tell our clients' story.  Now located in Australia, on Victoria's beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Middle East and Europe, we are easily accessible to service clients all over the globe.  Head to our SERVICES page to learn more about our products.  Our SHOWCASE page shows a cross-section of corporate materials that can be produced under one brand.  


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